My boys are so wonderful, I love watching them interact. Benjamin is only two months old, and yet Noah can keep him giggling and laughing for the longest time. Noah takes his self-imposed role as Benjamin's protector very seriously. He insists on attending all of Benjamin's doctors appointments with him, and always wants to hold his hand when he knows things will hurt. Noah is very protective of Benjamin whenever we take him out in public with us. Benjamin was born very sick and is still recovering, and Noah is so good to look after him and keep others at bay. They are the best of friends already, and I love that they love each other like they do. Most of all though, they adore their sister Emma. I love to watch them watch her as she sings to them or plays with them. They love her and you can just tell that my three have been close friends for much, much longer than the short time I have been so lucky to be their mom. It's incredible to me how close they are-- how they can sense each others needs and understand each other, even when all Ben can do is gurgle and giggle. Often Noah knows what Benjamin needs or wants long before I can figure it out. What a special gift they have been given in one another. I feel so lucky to be here to witness it all. Brothers-- what a gift.

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