Emma Jane-- my breath of sweet, fresh air. She is the smiling face that wakes me up early every morning, the only person in the universe who could get away with it making me smile all the while. She is pure and sweet and gentle and I love her so much. Emma is a very giving little girl. She looks out for her brothers and is always thinking of them first. She loves LOVES her binky, but if either of the boys are sad, she will give it to them without being asked without a second thought. When she is given a treat, it makes her happy, ecstatic even, to share it with you. She loves to make you laugh and to see you smile. Whenever I am sad or stressed, she is always there with "hugs mommy" or "mommy, smile". She is always good for a hug or a cuddle. She reminds me that life is good and God is good and the world is really, really good. Thank goodness for Emma Jane.

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