Father's Day

This father's day was different than any other we've had. In the past, the kids have helped me buy an elaborate gift to honor Andrew, their super-dad. This year we were on a very different type of budget. So instead of buying something, we made him a collage of "daddy" pictures. Looking through all these pictures really made me think. Andrew really is the perfect father. He gives so much to be the very best he can. He is so hard on himself-- a closet perfectionist-- and I worry that he doesn't realize what an incredible dad he is. He is so busy with his school-- waking before the sun comes up every morning and burning the midnight oil every night to do the very best he can in med school, and yet there has yet to come a time when we've really needed him that he hasn't been there and been more than ready to help and be involved in any way. While Benjamin was in the NICU in Columbia, Andrew was there with him- every second he could be- to take care of Benjamin and to look after me. While Benjamin's status was critical, he completely took off school, missing almost two full weeks worth of classes and labs (which for most people translates into medical school suicide)-- and then commuting to and from Kirksville every day to attend classes and be with his family as Benjamin healed and got better. He gave everything he could to serve and love his family, putting his schooling on the backburner to insure our well-being. Luckily he was able to finish the term with flying colors-- a real miracle-- but even that didn't make him as happy as he was the day he carried his baby out of the hospital to take him home. He is a good man and an incredible father and this father's day I pay tribute to him for everything he has given and everything that he does to be the world's best dad-- bar none.

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