The State of the Union

Okay... I just can't help myself. Aside from general conference, I think the State of the Union is one of my FAVORITE events of the year. I'm sure tonight will be no different. No matter how anyone feels about the man in the office at any given point, there is no denying that there is something truly majestic about watching unitedly as the wonder of our democratic republic comes center stage this night every year.

As many of those close to me know, I am a BIG fan of President Obama... I (really) have no problem paying taxes... you get what you pay for, after all, and I like things high quality and in order and am not a big fan of excessive debt... so raise my taxes, please, I am honored to pay good money that I am blessed with the ability to earn to invest in a nation that has been and can once again be truly great. I've been blessed by the programs that our government provides and I will fight tooth and nail to keep them up and running for one and all... I feel a moral obligation to ensure the basic necessities of life for all human beings-- particularly those who are blessed to be American-- and I see my democratically elected government as the only plausible solution for seeing to it that this be done... I think that the more money we invest in education, the better we will be as a whole... and I LOVE international cooperation and see it as the only way to maintain the greatness of who we are as a nation. As the proud granddaughter of one of the original co-sponsors of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, I can't deny that I am thrilled that the time has finally come when a black man can hold the highest office in our country, and as a woman I can't deny that I LOVE the President's firm commitment to ensuring liberty and the social justice for all members of our society... and most of all I love that I have the right to say the things that I feel and believe and that others have the right to freely and openly disagree and that this open exchange of ideas and values is protected because we have the freedom of speech, religion, and association just because we were lucky enough to be born in a place and time when we have the God given rights to do so... while at the same time feeling a great urgency to work ardently towards providing for and protecting these same rights for all human beings world wide. I think that government can be the solution and that people still have power to make a difference in the world and I KNOW that one voice can still be heard because my voice has been heard each and every time I've stepped up to the political plate. I feel honored tonight and always to take seriously my pledge to to remain "subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law"...

I can't wait to hear tonight's speech and all of the commentary that will lead up to and follow it... but even more so, I am excited to see, once again, our country pull together and experience something wonderful as people from all political backgrounds and all walks of life tune in to check the pulse of our great nation. So-- come 9pm eastern time there is no need to wonder where my dial will be. Happy State of the Union day to one and all!!!


Elsie said...

Ahh Ruth I love the State of the Union too! I thought that it was so great tonight, it made me really happy, and then I read this post it was just the cherry on top! Love it!

Grandma Cherie said...

I am so proud of your blog, that I am busting my buttons. I bet the Grandpa Harding would be also!