Happy Birthday Dear Gracie!

Today is my super-cute niece Grace's birthday! She is three. What a great age and an adorable little lady. She is an adorable little girl who is the perfect mix of rough-and-tumble and princess and lace. I love her big hugs and her heart-breaker smiles. She is tall and mature for her age-- in face Emma has really enjoyed the hand-me-ups that have been sent her way from Grace lately! Emma and Grace are the cutest little friends. They have always enjoyed one another, but this Thanksgiving when her family came all the way from New Hampshire to spend Thanksgiving with us, the two of them really seemed to bond and enjoy one another on a whole new level. This made Christmas at their place even more wonderful. I loved hearing their little giggles emanate from the princess tents from Grandma Cherie and loved seeing all of the different combinations of princess attire they concocted from a great little dress-up set Grace had been given for Christmas. I even loved hearing the two of them band together and fight back against their pesky older brothers. I have to admit that I was a little proud of them for standing up for themselves! In a lot of ways Grace and Emma remind me of Rachel and I-- mom loves talking about how close we were as little girls. But, in some ways, Grace and Emma have it even better. They are only six months apart in age, so they will be even closer in that regard than Rachel and I were (we are almost three years apart in ago)-- we just need to move closer together and the two of them will have it made! So, happy, happy third birthday to Grace! I love her and am so grateful to be her aunt! I love this picture that Rachel posted on her blog. So sweet, and so very, very Grace!

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