The Perfect Getaway!

Over the Thanksgiving break we went down to St. Louis with our friends the Fransons. It was a great little two day get away, and I've got to say, it really hit the spot. We got to go shopping at The Galleria, Hobby Lobby, and Whole Foods. Who could ask for more? We ate out at Macaroni Grill and it was so wonderful! Our hotel was a fabulous 4 star hotel in downtown St. Louis. The view was incredible, and for a mere $40 a night, it was a steal! We went to the zoo on Saturday, and although it was a bit chilly at first, the day warmed up and it was the PERFECT day to be at the zoo! All the animals were out, but the crowds were not, and you just can't beat that. I'll post the photos my friend Melissa shared with me (thanks Melissa!), but you can also check out her blog for more, at http://fransonfamily.blogspot.com/2007/11/st-louis.html. Noah keeps asking when we are going to take him and Adalyn (Melissa's oldest girl) back to the zoo! What a perfect little getaway!


valerie said...

What a cute bunch of kids!!

Melissa said...

Oh yes! Wonderful! It did hit the spot. I am so thankful that we made that trip, I needed it. I wouldn't have survived until Christmas break if we wouldn't have gone!