Sweet Nothing

So- today I woke up late. I mean really late. We're talking 9 am. I don't think I've pulled that off in years. I woke up to the sweet sound of... well... NOTHING. Silence. No screaming baby. No fighting toddlers. No 4 am alarm for my study-hubby.... nothing. It was so peaceful at first. But then when I had woken up to realize that the sun was shining in my window, my husband was gone, and the house was silent-- I PANICKED!!!! Where were my children? Where was my husband? What in the world was going on. I am usually the one to wake up with the kids. I take the lions share of the night wakings as well because Andrew needs the sleep more than I do, and I'm a night owl anyway. I take the mornings because Andrew is often out the door before the kids even wake up. So waking up to a silent house with no kids and no husband was alarming to say the least. I threw on my robe and ran into the kids room. It was empty. My heart was beating so hard it felt like it would jump right out of my chest at any second. I ran to the kitchen and saw evidence of breakfast eaten... I looked at the clock and saw that it was 9 am. 9 AM! I did a double take just to be sure my tired eyes weren't playing tricks on me. And then, I heard it. Little voices laughing. I walked to the playroom at the front of the house where I found my husband playing with my three little angels on the ground. They were having the time of their lives. Noah looked almost disappointed to see me up. "Did we wake you, mommy?"

My sweet Andrew had given up one of his vacation mornings to get up with the babies and make it a point to let me sleep until I woke up on my own. I could have just kissed him. "Did you sleep well"? he asked. I thought about it. In my little panic I had not even stopped to realize that I was awake, and it was morning, and I was not tired. Wow. So-- I ambled back to the kitchen to fire up the beloved Cocoa Latte machine and grabbed my to-do list off the fridge. I love my lists. I walked back into the playroom to find Andrew and the kids still playing on the ground. I tried to read my list to Andrew so that we could make our plan. But he just ignored me and kept on playing. I was a little annoyed and was about ready to say as much when he tackled me. That's right, a full on tackle. I was stunned and amazed and ANGRY!!! But, the kids took this as their cue and piled on top of me. We spent the next ten minutes just wrestling on the ground. This, of course, escalated into a pillow war, which was followed by a long period of sitting on the floor doing-- you guessed it-- NOTHING!

So- if you were to ask me what I did this morning. The answer would be nothing. Usually that word would make my skin crawl-- my guilty conscience flare. Usually I HATE doing nothing. Usually my husband good heartedly goes along with my list after list, smiling all the time. But not this morning. He knew we needed a break-- I needed a break-- and he made it happen. I love that guy. If I could marry him again right now, I would do it. He makes my life wonderful and exciting and he treats me MUCH better than I deserve to be treated.

Thank you for a great morning sweetie. I loved playing with you and the kids and getting nothing "important" done. It was the best, most important morning I have had in a long, long time. Thank you for letting me wake up to nothing. Thank you for letting me get nothing done. Thank you for nothing. Sweet nothing. I needed it so much!


Melissa said...

You made me laugh and almost cry. So sweet. Good job Andrew.

Pattie said...

I am so happy for your sweet nothings I hope you have a great thanksgiving..

Sarah <3 said...

Hallelujah for Sweet Nothings!